Idea of The Week: Attention wine lovers!

with Neil Godin >The Situation: Tired of standing in the aisles of your local wine store, struggling to choose between Australian and Okanagan reds? If you answered “yes,” Maple Ridge Liquor Store – nestled in the Metro Vancouver community of (where else?), Maple Ridge, has your solution. >The Idea: The idea is positioning. Differentiating. Separating […]

Idea of The Week: What kind of doctor is ‘The Rehab Surgeon?’

>The Situation: Love it. Love it. Love it. I was Googling the term “outrageous guarantees” for a piece I’m writing on differentiation (is that my favorite topic?). And up pops a listing for “The Rehab Surgeon.” The What? The Rehab Surgeon – a contractor who specializes in rehabilitating homes bought by real estate investors for […]

Idea of The Week: A family lawyer who caters to men only?

>The Situation: David Pissara is a lawyer with a difference. While he deals in family law, he won’t work with women. “The decision has limited my client base,” he told CBS’s BNET News Service, “but specializing has helped me make a name for myself in a crowded field. If I didn’t specialize, I’d be just […]

Idea of The Week: You speed, we pay the ticket?

>The Situation: At Marketing Dangerously we love guerrilla marketing (obviously). And here’s a brilliant example, courtesy of Mental Floss Magazine (“where knowledge junkies get their fix”). Read on… >The Idea: The story involves game maker Acclaim Entertainment of the UK. The idea? The company announced that it would pay all speeding tickets in England on […]

Idea of The Day: It’s a smooth ride-guaranteed!

>The Idea: The idea today is creativity. No, let’s be more specific – the idea today (specifically) is brainstorming. Brainstorming is my Number One tool when helping clients with their marketing and sales programs – and I love to hear stories about how others use it as well. So. Here’s a story… >The Key Point: Our story […]

Idea of The Week: Has Mad Dog bit off more than he can chew?

>The Situation: Mad Dog Randy Bishop is a dangerous marketer. Why? Because his Mad Dog Source for Sports store in Abbotsford, BC (1.866.362.3364), is doing it again. Doing what? Doing a crazy stunt that promises anyone who buys anything at their 50% Off Sale (this weekend) that their entire purchase will be absolutely free of […]

Idea of The Week: The little clock company that could!

>The Situation: Here at marketing Dangerously we’ve been watching with interest (for about two years) as Keven McTaggart has steadily built his little niche business into a successful mainstream player. His company is called ‘Anything on a Clock,’ and he’s located here in OurTown (better known as Vancouver, Canada). I want to tell you about […]

Idea of The Week: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it!

>The Situation: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it! >The Idea: They’re sexist, racy, and inappropriate. So. Let’s have a look at ’em. I’m referring to two of the most outrageous car ads chosen by web designer and blogger, Alex Frison, at . The two television spots are included in […]

Idea of The Day: A town called Truth or Consequences? Who knew?

>The Idea: Today, a story in Fast Company magazine that you’ve gotta read. Here, I’ll print it for you: “In 1950, NBC’s quiz show ‘Truth or Consequences?’ was one of the most popular shows on radio (and later television). So when the show’s host, Ralph Edwards, announced on the air that he would broadcast from […]

Idea of The Day: Pet sitting at $1000 day? Believe it!

>The Idea: Dropped by one of my great clients this afternoon – Pets First in Vancouver. Owner Phil Chagnon and General Manager, Pam Thind, weren’t in. Where were they? Well. They were out at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for a wine and nibbles reception. The occasion? Camila Dahl, owner of JetPetResort ( ) is […]