Idea of The Week: Are testimonials really effective?

>The Situation: I’m thinking about Melissa Musika. One of my all time favorite marketing and sales coaching clients, Melissa is a videographer. She used to produce video of all kinds – corporate videos, real estate videos, promotional videos, “virtual tour” videos – whatever a diverse clientele needed. But being all things (video), to all people […]

Idea of The Week: This guy saved my life!

 > The Situation: On the phone. With Barry Tupper of FPInnovations in Halifax. Planning a seminar series for his members (people who make beautiful things out of wood before they sell it) in Newfoundland. This is exciting. A chance to get back to the rock. But that’s not today’s item. The item is a little […]

Idea of The Day: A passion for ‘Junk Style’ & ‘Shabby Chic’

> The Idea: Last week I told you how HomeGoods stores engage customers by inviting them to share photos of the unique pieces they buy – once they are in place in their homes. This week, a twist and turn finds us in our own backyard, here in Langley, BC. After reading last week’s article, […]

Today: No, not “The Wall of Gloves…”

 > The Situation It’s that time again. Time to buy a new pair of driving gloves. Why? Because I lost one glove from the last pair—again. So, here I am at Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver—walking up to "The Wall of Gloves." I stop, responding to a tumbling sensation in my stomach. ("Neil, not the […]