Idea of The Week: A zip lock bag, 4 Advils, a napkin & printed instructions?

with Neil Godin >The Situation: An email. From MD regular Vicky White, of Life Design Strategies. Telling me about her trip to the endodontist for a root canal. But she didn’t want to talk about the root canal – she wanted to share what happened as she left the doctor’s office. “I was handed a […]

Today: “You can’t be serious!”

 > The Situation: I recently told you about my terrible treatment at the hands of the telephone company. But I didn’t tell you what happened next. So here goes. A day or two after being laughed at when I asked that a reduced rate on my long distance plan be made retroactive, I received a […]

Today: Beware of “false profits!”

 > The Situation: Big telephone company. Won’t mention the name. Because the big ones are all pretty much the same. I open my telephone bill (for my Canada/USA toll-free number). A lot of minutes in the previous month. That’s good. People are calling. But, because the amount was higher than usual it prompted me to […]

Today: Getting the “it” in “getting it.”

 > The Situation Today I want to keep building on the idea of making systematic customer satisfaction check-up calls. Because. These calls put your finger on the pulse of your life blood—customer loyalty.  > The Idea The idea is to drive levels of satisfaction and loyalty higher and higher—by dreaming up ways to add extra […]

Today: Customer satisfaction check up calls…do you make ‘em?

 > The Situation Yesterday I talked about setting ourselves up to succeed in the way that we plan and execute follow-up sales calls to prospects. Today I want to pursue a similar theme. This time related to making Customer Satisfaction Check-up Calls—systematically—after customers have purchased. In our organic approach to marketing, these follow-up calls are…  […]