Marketing Dangerously Idea of the Week Tuesday, November 6, 2012 With Neil Godin

NorLang auto website

I was all set to drive to Seattle to speak at the ITEX Corporation’s annual meeting. In case you don’t know, ITEX is North America’s leader in cashless business transactions (i.e. barter), where businesses use ITEX dollars instead of cash to buy and sell services. But that’s not today’s story. So. If you want to […]

Idea of The Week: Want a fun way to use social media for self promotion?

>The Situation: I know, I know. We’re only supposed to write about social media marketing on Thursdays. But this is too good to put off. I just received an email from our web apps wizard (apps means applications, as you know), Brad Bates. Brad writes to inform me that my colleague, Jonathan Christian, now has […]

Idea of The Week: Let’s head for sunny Sonoma!

>The Situation: It’s the dead of winter here in Vancouver – and that means grey days, long nights, lots of rain, and flocks of snowbirds heading south. But we can’t all go – so – we have to find alternatives. MD regular Ellen Edwards sent us an email this week telling us about one of […]

Idea of The Week: How to make it impossible to say no!

 > The Situation: An email. From MD regular, Tom Duguay of Chartex, the distribution/packaging/palleting experts in Edmonton. It reads: “Got a call from COSTCO. The rep wanted to know if they could come by and make a presentation to our staff about membership.” Tom continued: “COSTCO is a great store. But who wants to spend […]

Idea of The Day: Wanna fight?

> The Idea: Here in Canada last week, the gloves were off – and it was down and dirty. Why? Because every year at this time, our homegrown coffee and donut behemoth, Tim Horton’s, holds its “roll up the rim to win” contest – recognized world wide as one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. […]

Idea of The Day: How stories get around…

> The Idea: Someone named Laynie Kelly told a blogger named Drew McLelland – who told his readers (including an MD member named Chris Mapson, of Winton Global Homes) – about a cab driver named Frank.  Why? > The Key Point: Well, because Frank is a cab driver with a difference.  How different?  What different? […]

Idea of The Week: Olympic gold – far from the podium!

 > The Situation: Apparently, there aren’t enough hours in the retail day. So. Vancouver’s Hudson’s Bay Store is staying open 24 hours a day – for the last three days of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Why? Because they have to!  > The Idea: The idea is capitalizing on something that everyone wants to be a […]

Today: You think it’s tough in “your” business…

 > The Situation: An email forwarded from MD member and advertising guru Jon Elton. From Steven Griffin. Publisher of Homes and Cottages Magazine. And it reads… "You think times are tough? Try selling advertising!" Yeh. Now there’s an industry that’s hurting!  > The Idea: Steven is fighting back with an interesting campaign. He’s pitching potential […]

Today: Who said there’s no free lunch?

 > The Situation: Our intrepid webmaster/programmer, Stephen Young, sent me a recent copy of (the online edition of the Toronto Star), headlining the story of a Montreal restaurant that is pulling out all the stops in an effort to survive the recession. Their current promotion: Free lunch (or “whatever you want to pay”). Read […]

Today: “Treat your neighbors well”

 > The Situation: Calgary, Alberta. Earls Restaurant (Dalhousie) in the north end. A busy, bustling, hub of activity. My son Brad is chef. I’m visiting for the first time. I’m impressed.  > The Idea: Of course I’m looking for what Brad (and his Restaurant Leader partner (Angela) and their team are doing to differentiate the […]