This week’s Idea: This hockey rink goes out of its way to thank supporters. Do you?

Hockey Rink Ads - Sharpening

with Neil Godin Talking amateur hockey one day with one of its prime movers and shakers on Vancouver Island, friend and client Lorne Winship of Pacific Homes. (Where they design and build custom homes – sustainably – in their climate-controlled plant, instead of on your building site). Somehow we got onto the topic of ice […]

Idea of The Week: You speed, we pay the ticket?

>The Situation: At Marketing Dangerously we love guerrilla marketing (obviously). And here’s a brilliant example, courtesy of Mental Floss Magazine (“where knowledge junkies get their fix”). Read on… >The Idea: The story involves game maker Acclaim Entertainment of the UK. The idea? The company announced that it would pay all speeding tickets in England on […]

Idea of The Week: Today we double dare you!

>The Situation: An item in the paper. It reads: “KFC’s ‘Double Down’ sets Canadian sales record.”  I knew this would happen. I knew it. I have a direct mail piece in front of me, with a photo of KFC’s new ‘Double Down’ sandwich on the cover. When I saw it, I thought, “I’m going to […]

Idea of The Week: Where do golf nuts go in downtown Vancouver?

>The Situation: Question: where can you eat, drink and breathe golf in Vancouver’s downtown concrete core? If you’ve ever met friend and MD member, Darrell Ross, you know the answer. It’s Vancouver’s first ‘golf cafe’ (named ‘Links Golf Cafe,’ to be precise), opening in Spring, 2011, at Burrard and Pender. I missed the  pre-opening launch […]

Idea of The Week: Ready for a ‘Gutsploder’ bike ride?

>The Situation: Velocity Cycles. Open here in MyTown (Langley, BC) for a couple of years now. At first VC was a small shop located in a small mall. Now, the mall’s still small, but VC has doubled in size. Why? I think it’s because they engage their audience. They don’t just sell bikes. They ride […]

Idea of The Day: Look at this photo!

>The Idea: Opened an email from TeamBuy Vancouver at 6:30 this morning. Telling me about today’s buy: $12 worth of sushi – at Kaide Sushi in Yaletown (Vancouver) – for just six bux. I bought the offer immediately. Why? A great picture’s worth about a zillion words, so here, take a look at this: >The […]

Idea of The Week: Are you ready for ‘this’ emergency?

>The Situation: This is brilliant. Knowing the reason why many of us avoid crowded city buses, Gillette Right Guard Deodorant marketers hit a home run with what I’m calling ‘the guerrilla marketing campaign of the year.’ See what you think… >The Idea: The idea was to take full advantage of our fear and loathing of […]

Idea of The Week: You – an Olympic racer?

>The Situation: If you’re like most of us, the thought of gettin’ down to the gym doesn’t exactly lift you up. But look at this. If you join Vancouver’s newest fitness center – at the Richmond Olympic Oval – you’re not going for a workout – you’re heading for head to head competition with the […]

Idea of The Day: They finally got my attention!

>The Idea: I wear glasses. Expensive glasses. They’re customized. And polarized. And progressively bifocalized (etc.). And. They’re completely unnecessary. But I’ve resisted laser eye surgery because, well, I’m a little nervous about messing with my eyesight. And. Because I’ve had this great excuse that it’s a high-price procedure. Now I have to suddenly face my […]

Idea of The Week: Where would you walk slowly and touch everything?

 > The Situation: South Granville Street. Vancouver. A sunny Saturday. Perfect day for lunch at Ouisi (pronounced wheez-ee), which is short for Louisiana, which is short for spicy hot, delicious food), and a little walkabout. Which brings me to this week’s item.  > The Idea: The idea this week is to do exactly the opposite […]