Idea of The Week: GST. PST. HST. Or BST?

>The Situation: If you live in BC you’re confused (and so am I). In a couple of days we’re going to be voting on whether or not to keep the horrifically hated HST. If we vote “Yes,” we’re saying “No,” we don’t want it. If we vote “No,” it means “Yes,” we want it. And […]

Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook? (Part 2)

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem Yesterday, I completed my Social Media Master Class with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds), and Mark Smiciklas (@intersection1).  (You can grab highlights by checking out #smmcyvr on Twitter.) Day by day I realize the more you know, the more there is to know! Last week, we started to consider where our audience is […]

Idea of The Week: Beef ‘n Beer in Rain ‘n Cold. Did it work?

>The Situation: I wrote this a few days ago while visiting Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, Canada. The occasion: An open house hosted by our marketing and sales coaching client, Pacific Building Systems. Purpose of the event: To show home builders that their Pacific Truss Division makes a superior product – and earns its premium pricing. […]

Idea of The Week: What kind of doctor is ‘The Rehab Surgeon?’

>The Situation: Love it. Love it. Love it. I was Googling the term “outrageous guarantees” for a piece I’m writing on differentiation (is that my favorite topic?). And up pops a listing for “The Rehab Surgeon.” The What? The Rehab Surgeon – a contractor who specializes in rehabilitating homes bought by real estate investors for […]

Idea of The Week: Here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

>The Situation: This is so smart – in so many ways. One of our marketing strategy clients, Billy Carpenter, of Vin de Garde Cellar Systems Inc. (wine cellar systems, that is), is hosting another in his series of one-hour seminars for architects and designers here in Vancouver, Canada. Not big news. He’s done it before. […]

Idea of The Week: Can this be legal?

>The Situation: This can’t be very smart. It’s an ad – run by H&R Block (the Big Guys in tax preparation with 22 million customers worldwide) – offering to teach people how to do their own tax returns. Why would they do that? Because they can’t lose. If you sign up for their course, you […]

Idea of The Week: Fitness Town Challenge raises brand awareness – and $17k for charity!

>The Situation: An email. From MD regular, Jimmy Gray, of The Portables. Introducing me to Sandy Gerber of NEXT Marketing and Design – and to Sandy’s client, Dai Manuel, COO of Fitness Town Stores. The email also alerted me to the news that Gerber/Manuel collaborated on a just-completed 90-day Fitness Town Challenge that raised more […]

Idea of The Day: They finally got my attention!

>The Idea: I wear glasses. Expensive glasses. They’re customized. And polarized. And progressively bifocalized (etc.). And. They’re completely unnecessary. But I’ve resisted laser eye surgery because, well, I’m a little nervous about messing with my eyesight. And. Because I’ve had this great excuse that it’s a high-price procedure. Now I have to suddenly face my […]

Idea of The Week: How to make it impossible to say no!

 > The Situation: An email. From MD regular, Tom Duguay of Chartex, the distribution/packaging/palleting experts in Edmonton. It reads: “Got a call from COSTCO. The rep wanted to know if they could come by and make a presentation to our staff about membership.” Tom continued: “COSTCO is a great store. But who wants to spend […]

Today: The idea of the week is… “The trouble with old fashioned selling”

 > The Situation: I urge my clients (and you) to stop selling the hard way. Stop calling strangers to introduce yourself. Stop trying to get appointments with these people. Stop making pitches to them. Stop making mechanical “follow-up” calls to them. Just stop it. Why? Because. If you have to convince me (or persuade me) […]