Idea of The Week: GST. PST. HST. Or BST?

>The Situation: If you live in BC you’re confused (and so am I). In a couple of days we’re going to be voting on whether or not to keep the horrifically hated HST. If we vote “Yes,” we’re saying “No,” we don’t want it. If we vote “No,” it means “Yes,” we want it. And […]

Idea of The Week: Beef ‘n Beer in Rain ‘n Cold. Did it work?

>The Situation: I wrote this a few days ago while visiting Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, Canada. The occasion: An open house hosted by our marketing and sales coaching client, Pacific Building Systems. Purpose of the event: To show home builders that their Pacific Truss Division makes a superior product – and earns its premium pricing. […]

Idea of The Day: It’s a smooth ride-guaranteed!

>The Idea: The idea today is creativity. No, let’s be more specific – the idea today (specifically) is brainstorming. Brainstorming is my Number One tool when helping clients with their marketing and sales programs – and I love to hear stories about how others use it as well. So. Here’s a story… >The Key Point: Our story […]

Idea of The Week: Can this be legal?

>The Situation: This can’t be very smart. It’s an ad – run by H&R Block (the Big Guys in tax preparation with 22 million customers worldwide) – offering to teach people how to do their own tax returns. Why would they do that? Because they can’t lose. If you sign up for their course, you […]

Idea of The Week: Should screaming kids be tolerated?

>The Situation: Carolina Beach, North Carolina. The Olde Salty restaurant. And a sign that reads: “Screaming children will not be tolerated.” >The Idea: Here at MD we promote positive customer experiences. We want business owners, managers and staff to go overboard on service – which includes good manners, of course. Yet here’s a sign that […]

Idea of The Day: A passion for ‘Junk Style’ & ‘Shabby Chic’

> The Idea: Last week I told you how HomeGoods stores engage customers by inviting them to share photos of the unique pieces they buy – once they are in place in their homes. This week, a twist and turn finds us in our own backyard, here in Langley, BC. After reading last week’s article, […]

Today: Let city hall run your business?

 > The Situation: It was another business turnaround situation. This time an office package business. You know, the place people go when their business is too big to stay at home, and too small to have their own offices. Their problem? Recession. And a very high vacancy rate. Meaning: Big Trouble. The solution? Get creative-and […]

Today: “Don’t make me an offer I ‘can’ refuse…”

 > The Situation: A coupon book. In my mailbox. I flipped through it. (Hey, last time I found a really good deal on something I really needed.) This time. Hmm. Mainly same old, same old. And I’m feeling my usual gag reflex when I look at some of the offers. (This is an occupational hazard.) […]

Today: “Pass the Kleenex please…”

 > The Situation: I’m in Kelowna, BC. Doing a marketing seminar for members of BC Wood Specialties Group (the people who do something to wood before they sell it—as in flooring, furniture, log and timber frame homes, cabinetry, etc. Great products. Great people. Great day). Now it’s evening. Time to relax. I turn on CNN. […]

Today: “Enter to win–big!”

 > The Situation: One of my favorite business turnaround stories. The scene: An industrial supply business in Southern Ontario. During the huge recession of the 1980’s. Can’t mention the name because it was a turnaround (and they sold to one of "The Big Guys" a few years after we did this). Here’s the story.  > […]