This week’s idea: We call it “Attraction Marketing.” And “this” is how it’s done!

Visit for full details of his latest event.

with Neil Godin Roger Killen.  Remember that name, because you’re going to hear it a lot. Roger is co-organizer of Vancouver Business Network, a group with more than 1900 members and counting. Roger has invited me to present at the group’s July 24 Meetup. (I’ll be doing a talk on personal branding – why […]

This week’s idea: Okay. “This” is Roadside Marketing!

Roadside Hockey sign in Langley, BC

with Neil Godin It stopped me in my tracks. I pulled a left. Into a cul de sac. Turned and went back up the street. Turned into a dusty parking lot. Stopped the car. Grabbed my iPhone. Jumped out and captured this: Are you as excited as I am? Isn’t this brilliant? It isn’t really […]

This week’s idea: Now “this” is a win-win-win promotion

Bigstock Web Page

with Neil Godin This is brilliant. It’s an email. From I am a frequent user – and a huge fan of BigStock. When I need a photo or illustration – for anything – an MD article, a landing page I’m putting together, an eBook I’m illustrating – whatever – I log in to BigStock; […]

This week’s idea: “I tell ya – events sell !”

with Neil Godin In my mail box. A simple black and white flyer. Folded. With the ambitious title, “The Walnut Grove News.” On the cover, photos of ReMax Realtors Dave Robles and partner, who bill themselves as “The Realtors who have SOLD more homes in Walnut Grove than any other Realtor.” (They note that they’ve […]

Idea of the Week: Fame by association?

with Neil Godin You’ve heard of guilt by association – today let’s talk about fame by association. Fame by association is related to the marketing term, “hitch-hike advertising.” Hitch-hiking means connecting ourselves with an event (like last year’s Vancouver Olympics), or a campaign, or cause, etc.  Here’s an example that inspired this week’s article.  My […]

Idea of the Week: Here’s a great example of corporate giving. Could we do something similar?

with Neil Godin Now here’s a non-profit marketing campaign with a real twist. I just received an email from a client in Victoria, BC (Darren Bertuccio of Bertuccio Kids, designers and makers of custom furnishings and play rooms for the wee ones).  Darren passed along an email he received from Lisa Arora of Get the […]

Idea of the week: Podcast pioneer Bob Garlick says you can use podcasting to build business – no matter what you do!

Bob Garlick's Idea Banner

with Neil Godin Meet Bob Garlick (a.k.a. The Great Idea Guy). Bob is Vancouver’s podcasting aficionado. He co-hosts “The Bunker Project” in the basement of the Barclay hotel on Robson Street (with mobile telecommunications titan, Andrew McGivern), where business owners are invited to come on down – every second Wednesday evening – and learn how […]