Idea of The Week: GST. PST. HST. Or BST?

>The Situation: If you live in BC you’re confused (and so am I). In a couple of days we’re going to be voting on whether or not to keep the horrifically hated HST. If we vote “Yes,” we’re saying “No,” we don’t want it. If we vote “No,” it means “Yes,” we want it. And […]

Idea of The Week: Beef ‘n Beer in Rain ‘n Cold. Did it work?

>The Situation: I wrote this a few days ago while visiting Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, Canada. The occasion: An open house hosted by our marketing and sales coaching client, Pacific Building Systems. Purpose of the event: To show home builders that their Pacific Truss Division makes a superior product – and earns its premium pricing. […]

Idea of The Week: The little clock company that could!

>The Situation: Here at marketing Dangerously we’ve been watching with interest (for about two years) as Keven McTaggart has steadily built his little niche business into a successful mainstream player. His company is called ‘Anything on a Clock,’ and he’s located here in OurTown (better known as Vancouver, Canada). I want to tell you about […]

Idea of The Week: Ready for a ‘Gutsploder’ bike ride?

>The Situation: Velocity Cycles. Open here in MyTown (Langley, BC) for a couple of years now. At first VC was a small shop located in a small mall. Now, the mall’s still small, but VC has doubled in size. Why? I think it’s because they engage their audience. They don’t just sell bikes. They ride […]

Idea of The Week: It’s day one. And we have lift-off!

> The Situation: Saturday. The Hampton Inn. Langley, BC (Metro Vancouver) Canada. Our first Meetup – and the official launch of our 90-day Social Media Challenge. A full house, despite the warm and sunny weather. And Shane Gibson (co-author of the social media tome, ‘Sociable!’) entertained, educated and inspired us. Perfect. And now it’s Day […]

Idea of The Week: A big idea, shrunk to fit!

 > The Situation: You may not be excited about a contest called “Hockeyville Canada 2010” (especially if you live elsewhere). But. If you were one of the 700+ citizens of tiny Lawrenceville, Nova Scotia, you would be very, very excited. Why? Because you are about to find out whether or not your town won the […]

Idea of The Day: This is perfect. Have a look…

> The Idea: This is perfect. It’s an email from friend and MD member, Stephen Lin. Of 2Q Creations, a visual design agency. Here in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been advising MD readers (and my ‘live’ clients and audiences) to get on board the O-Train – one way or another – now that the games are […]

Idea of The Week: Okay. Enough’s enough.

 > The Situation: The Olympics. Right here in OurTown, Vancouver, Canada. Starting this Friday. But the locals don’t have our game faces on – at least not yet. Why? Because we’re being bullied by bureaucrats; terrorized by traffic restrictions, and stunned by the stupidity of the IOC (who had to back down today, after ordering […]

Today: “Nessun evento. Appena un cioccolato.”

 > The Situation: My mouth is hanging open. And I do not believe what I’m staring at. Here, look over my shoulder and I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, I just finished writing the Marketing Dangerously article about Bosa Foods and their “thank you” chocolates. Now, because I typed the word “mercado” in the […]

Today: “A sassy statement for sustainability”

 > The Situation Page 10. In Vancouver’s “24 Hours” daily paper. There she is, in (not much more than) all her glory. Model Laura Pearlman. Striding confidently across Main Street in mid-day traffic—wearing organic cotton panties—in an eye-stopping photo—below a headline that shouts, “Panties that Mother Earth laid out for you.”  Not only did Laura […]