Today: “The mother of all vendors?”

 > The Situation: I was drifting off to sleep. When…it happened again. I woke with a start. Turned on the beside lamp. Grabbed the pen and note pad that are always there. And wrote down the essence of the dream that kept me from sleeping. Want to hear what it was?  > The Idea: The […]

Today: Ab Fab Desserts? “Absolutely Fabulous!”

 > The Situation: A (big) room full of business people. At our sold-out seminar last week (on recession-proof marketing). In New Westminster, BC. This was an afternoon seminar that went longer than our usual (all the way from 1 to 5). Which is good. Except that this time I had forgotten to buy energy bars […]

Today: Dave’s on a Roel?

 > The Situation: Dave Roels isn’t just a photographer. He’s an institution. As the “Official Photographer In Residence” at The Vancouver Board of Trade, Dave meets, greets (and photographs), just about everyone who’s anyone—locally, and from around the world. He has a very busy and successful business. A huge client list. And a constant flow […]

Today: A “last minute club” for ad space?

 > The Situation: Many of us believe that recessions are at least partially media driven. I started my career as a newspaper journalist and I know that bad news sells papers. (In fact, a bad news day was called a “good news” day.) Anyway. Let’s say that this is at least partially true. Then. Let’s […]

Today: Now “this” is an email!

 > The Situation: Just received an email from MD member Marj Bird, a stand-out realtor with Coldwell Banker in the picturesque town of Nanton, Alberta. Wow. What an email. Instead of the usual grey text, Marj’s missive is headed with a huge full color photo of the Rocky Mountains—with her portrait inset at the left—and […]

Today: “Eggs over easy?”

 > The Situation: I’m driving. And daydreaming about differentiation. (It’s an occupational hazard). Imagine, I’m thinking, what would happen if my favorite café offered breakfast with free run eggs. Do you know of "any" café that does? I don’t. Why don’t they? People like me, who like going out for breakfast but seldom do (because […]

Today: “Do you own gold?”

 > The Situation: I was driving along, listening to KPTK Radio (AM 1090) in Seattle.  When I heard two ads, back to back. One was from ITM Trading Inc., promoting investing in gold. The other was from a company I hadn’t heard of before, and whose name I didn’t catch. Because. I was paying too […]

Today: A word is worth a thousand pictures…

 > The Situation “There is no such thing as saver’s remorse!” Take a moment to savor these words. Here they are again: “There is no such thing as saver’s remorse!” Kinda profound, huh? For me, these words conjure up images of kids learning to save early in life—and adults buying what they can afford—with cash […]