Today: The idea of the week is… “The trouble with old fashioned selling”

 > The Situation: I urge my clients (and you) to stop selling the hard way. Stop calling strangers to introduce yourself. Stop trying to get appointments with these people. Stop making pitches to them. Stop making mechanical “follow-up” calls to them. Just stop it. Why? Because. If you have to convince me (or persuade me) […]

Today: I could hardly believe it…

 > The Situation: It happened. Just a few moments ago. At a brand new restaurant in Burnaby BC called Genji Sushi. A hostess seated me and—within moments a server appeared—and—presented me with both a cup of tea—and the daily newspaper. I was (almost) stunned.  > The Idea: The idea is pro-action. Not waiting to be […]

Today: Now “this” is marketing dangerously!

 > The Situation: Marketing dangerously. Hmm. This one pushes the envelope. But here’s the story anyway. I’m working with a client, Winton Global Homes, in Prince George, BC. Their dealers—from across Western Canada and the Northwest US—have gathered for their annual meeting. I provide them with a day of marketing and sales training, brainstorming and […]

Today: “No, you call me…”

 > The Situation: If I call you, I’m a salesman. If you call me, I’m an expert. All right? Now say it with me: "If I call you, I’m a salesman. If you call me, I’m an expert." Got it? Sometimes, if you read or hear something—and then you say it aloud—it makes a more […]

Today: “Enter to win–big!”

 > The Situation: One of my favorite business turnaround stories. The scene: An industrial supply business in Southern Ontario. During the huge recession of the 1980’s. Can’t mention the name because it was a turnaround (and they sold to one of "The Big Guys" a few years after we did this). Here’s the story.  > […]

Today: “I just want to hear everything…”

 > The Situation: Listening to one of my favorite radio stations (KPTK out of Seattle), when I hear a truly ear-catching commercial. Listen in.  > The Idea: The idea is to strike with a velvet hammer. The commercial features a man’s voice saying, “I don’t have a hearing problem. I just want to hear everything […]

Today: “We wrap rides!”

 > The Situation: The place: Burnaby, BC. The company: Sign-a-Rama. The story: Sign-a-Rama stores specialize in “vehicle graphics,” applying ID and advertising graphics to all kinds of vehicles—from cars and vans to trucks and aircraft. But this story is not about vehicles or graphics. It’s about choosing domain names for your website. Read on.  > […]

Today: Trucks that tell the story.

 > The Situation: Yesterday I talked about “feature vs. benefit” in advertising (in a story about Econo Storage of Langley, BC, titled, “Got Space”). Today, a similar story. The scene: Calgary, Alberta. The subject: A delivery truck. And on the back and sides of the truck? Messages that pinpoint the reason (the benefit) of doing […]

Today: “Got Space?”

 > The Situation: I just passed a business called Econo Storage in Langley, B.C. Out front: a reader board sign that reads: “That spare room. Want it back?” And I thought, wow, what a compelling message.  > The Idea: The idea here is “feature vs. benefit” in advertising. Normally these ministorage operations advertise “first month […]

Today: A (very) loonie idea…

 > The Situation: Combine an environmental group, an ad agency and a proposed oil pipeline project, and you get…oil-covered loonies? Yep. In the last month, 200,000 Canadians have received “loonies” (the nickname for Canada’s two dollar coin) in their change—with a black oil slick on one side—covering the image of a loon swimming in water. […]