Idea of The Week: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it!

>The Situation: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it! >The Idea: They’re sexist, racy, and inappropriate. So. Let’s have a look at ’em. I’m referring to two of the most outrageous car ads chosen by web designer and blogger, Alex Frison, at . The two television spots are included in […]

Idea of The Day: Need traffic? Tell the traffic that’s passing by!

>The Idea: Marks Work Wearhouse. Marine Drive. Burnaby, BC. I was driving by when a row of lawn signs caught my eye. Six or eight of them – all with the same simple message: “Marks Work Wearhouse. Save 20%. 5 P.M. Until Closing.” The idea (obviously) is to drive traffic and sales when the store […]

Idea of The Day: Pet sitting at $1000 day? Believe it!

>The Idea: Dropped by one of my great clients this afternoon – Pets First in Vancouver. Owner Phil Chagnon and General Manager, Pam Thind, weren’t in. Where were they? Well. They were out at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for a wine and nibbles reception. The occasion? Camila Dahl, owner of JetPetResort ( ) is […]

Idea of The Week: They lend you a what?

>The Situation: In searching for examples of ‘websites that do it right,’ (for my ecommerce seminars), I’ve discovered a company called San Diego Kitchen and Bath. Knowing how people stress over kitchen renovating, SDKB offers two radically exceptional benefits that you and I can learn from. Read on. >The Idea: The idea is simply this: […]

Idea of The Week: Ready for a ‘Gutsploder’ bike ride?

>The Situation: Velocity Cycles. Open here in MyTown (Langley, BC) for a couple of years now. At first VC was a small shop located in a small mall. Now, the mall’s still small, but VC has doubled in size. Why? I think it’s because they engage their audience. They don’t just sell bikes. They ride […]

Idea of The Week: Now ‘this’ is an eye-catcher!

>The Situation: Last week, I talked about communities branding themselves as having “The World’s Biggest Hockey Stick,” (or Easter Egg, or Fly Rod) – and I mentioned a western apparel store that boasts “The World’s Largest Cowboy Boot” – standing right outside its door. Today, another example, this time closer to home. If you live […]

Idea of The Week: WIND Mobile tucks customer care message into recruiting ad

>The Situation: This is so smart that I have to believe it’s intentional. It’s an ad. By upstart Canadian cell service, WIND Mobile. And its headline reads: “Hey people. We’re hiring people who treat people like people.” The text goes on to say, “WIND Mobile is launching in your city. And we’re looking to hire […]

Idea of The Day: Adult potty training?

> The Idea: Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). From MD Regular (and long time marketing and sales training client), Dennis Thomasson, of Fresh Air Experience Sporting Goods (Ottawa and Thunder Bay, Ontario).  It reads: "When I went to the men’s rooom in Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). I saw a fly in the urinal […]

Idea of The Day: How stories get around…

> The Idea: Someone named Laynie Kelly told a blogger named Drew McLelland – who told his readers (including an MD member named Chris Mapson, of Winton Global Homes) – about a cab driver named Frank.  Why? > The Key Point: Well, because Frank is a cab driver with a difference.  How different?  What different? […]

Idea of The Week: This guy saved my life!

 > The Situation: On the phone. With Barry Tupper of FPInnovations in Halifax. Planning a seminar series for his members (people who make beautiful things out of wood before they sell it) in Newfoundland. This is exciting. A chance to get back to the rock. But that’s not today’s item. The item is a little […]