Idea of The Week: To %@&# with the NHL – Go Canucks Go!

with Neil Godin >The Situation: “Go Canucks Go!” There, I said it, and I’m not sorry. (Now I’ve gotta watch my back, because the NHL Trademark Police could be anywhere).  But it was worth it – and I’m not alone. We received a lot of (positive) feedback on last week’s article about Kingsway Honda and […]

Idea of The Week: Don’t drive, just drink?

>The Situation: MD Regular, Joyanna Anthony (aka “The Idea Lady”), has done it again. “It” is sending us an idea so good we had to pass it on – and here “it” is…. >The Idea: The idea is hitch hiking – taking a free ride on advertising that someone else is paying for (as we […]

Idea of The Week: Need to dump the junk?

>The Situation: Maybe this idea is old (if it isn’t, it’s so good it should be), but it’s brand new to me. Driving through picturesque Fort Langley village on Sunday. The car (almost) stopped itself as I stared at a sign on a telephone post. It read, simply, “Garage Sale.” With a huge red arrow […]

Idea of The Week: Stuck in the wrong job?

>The Situation: Getting attention is getting easier. Case in point: Look at these photos that Danish personnel agency,, attached to various kinds of vending machines (and a children’s ride). Brilliant? Or what? >The Idea: The idea is to come up with ideas – to step up to the edge of the box – and […]

Idea of The Week: Did guerrilla marketing help Whitecaps win?

>The Situation: Here at Marketing Dangerously, we love guerrilla marketing. Why? Because it’s fun, fast, creative – and often, well, dangerous.  Case in point: As everyone in Vancouver knows the Whitecaps FC (meaning Football Club, for you non-soccerolics), has just played its debut game in the MLS Major League Soccer organization. Wanting to make their […]

Idea of The Week: Cheryl Gravkin says “The deal is on!”

>The Situation: MD subscriber and contributor (and one of our sparkling marketing clients), Cheryl Gravkin, proprietor of Wine Kitz (in the Kitsilano section of Vancouver), read last week’s article about Groupons and Coupons and Team Buys (etc.) – and immediately wrote us to share her experiences with these social media-based deals – experiences that I […]

Idea of The Week: End your pain with one spray‏?

>The Situation: I wish I could take credit for this. But I can’t. So I won’t. Instead I’ll just tell you the story. Here we go. I was reading page three of the Province Newspaper (here in Vancouver, Canada). My jaw drops. There, in a banner ad across the bottom of the page, is a message […]

Idea of The Week: You speed, we pay the ticket?

>The Situation: At Marketing Dangerously we love guerrilla marketing (obviously). And here’s a brilliant example, courtesy of Mental Floss Magazine (“where knowledge junkies get their fix”). Read on… >The Idea: The story involves game maker Acclaim Entertainment of the UK. The idea? The company announced that it would pay all speeding tickets in England on […]

Idea of The Day: A bachelor pilot – looking for love?

>The Idea: The idea is ‘personal branding.’ Case in point: Jane Carstens. Jane is a professional matchmaker in Vancouver, Canada. Her company is called Matchmaker for Hire. But her company name is far less important than her personal name. Why? Because Jane ‘is’ the company. Ah, but she’s not alone. Her colleague, Jill Carter, is […]

Idea of The Week: Thinking newsletter? Here’s a great example!

>The Situation: An email. From L&W Restoration in Aldergrove, BC. Subject line: December Newsletter. Of course I open it, because owners Walter and Lori Kneip are not only long-time MD subscribers, they have also worked on my home (and did a brilliant job). Why do I want to share a bit of their story? Because […]