Old red phone booth makes Nova Scotia winery famous

Old red phone booth makes Nova Scotia winery famous


Are you old enough to remember when highway gas stations attracted customers (and their kids) with signs that read, “STOP AND SEE THE WILD BEAR.” (Hey, neither am I J).  It was a disgusting and horrible thing to do to the bears that were penned up in those pitiful cages, surrounded and poked at by gawkers of every age, size and kind. (Thank goodness those days are behind us). But. It has to be said, it was great for business – and a great (if horrible) example of “attraction marketing.”
Today, we have kinder, gentler (and less dangerous) ways of using attraction marketing. Case in point. Our good friend (though we still haven’t met), Barry Tupper, Industry Advisor for the Atlantic Region of FPInnovations (Forest Products Innovation) Canada, sent us an email to tell us about the owner of a winery in Nova Scotia – Pete Luckett of Luckett Vineyards – who has set up an old fashioned, bright red pay telephone booth – right smack in the middle of his vineyard – and invites visitors to use the old rotary dial-up phone to call their family or friends anywhere in North America – free of charge. You can imagine these calls (“Hi Mom. You’ll never guess where I’m calling from…”).  This is so smart. And so cheap. (By that I mean “inexpensive”). And, as Barry explained, it’s become the talk of the town, and beyond. Not only that – it costs just about nothing in telephone tolls. As most of us know who use a North American toll free number, the bill costs us no more than a couple of lattes a month – while giving us huge exposure).


The vineyard. The phone booth. The antique hand set. Perfect! 









Your call to action

Okay. Over to you. Do you have a toll free number? If you don’t have one, go get one. Go on. Do it now. No excuses. (Hey. It makes you look good, and, if you remember what Billy Crystal once said to Ronald Reagan, “The most important thing, Mr. President, is that you look good.”)

If you don’t have a toll free number, what else could you do to attract attention? (That’s the main point). If you need ideas, why not pick up that old dial-up telephone of yours, and call us at 1.800.563.IDEA(4332).
Thank you Barry.
See you on Thursday.
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