Idea of The Week: WIND Mobile tucks customer care message into recruiting ad

>The Situation:

This is so smart that I have to believe it’s intentional. It’s an ad. By upstart Canadian cell service, WIND Mobile. And its headline reads: “Hey people. We’re hiring people who treat people like people.” The text goes on to say, “WIND Mobile is launching in your city. And we’re looking to hire people who want to change wireless for the better. Check out our retail and customer care roles.” (To see more, visit their Careers web page at Whaddya think? Don’t they sound truly convincing?

>The Idea:

I think this is a brilliant way of telling future customers – not just future employees – that the company intends to do a far better job of customer care than the current major players. I also think it’s brilliant to get that message out to future employees – because – a company can’t do a thing to deliver on a promise like this. Only enlightened, service-oriented ‘people’ can produce and deliver the policies and procedures – and the minute to minute behavior – that actually make caring service happen.

>The Risk:

I’ve never heard of WIND Mobile. Are the company’s leaders sincerely committed to “change wireless for the better.” If not – if the reality is same old, same old – then these ads will backfire.

>The Reward:

On the other hand, if they deliver – via easy access to live service staff – and flexibility when bills are challenged – and all the other things we want our cell providers to provide – then they are doing a nice job of setting themselves up to succeed.

>The Call to Action:

When you’re recruiting, why not use a similar two-target message – letting everyone who sees your ads know that you’re looking for more than skills and knowledge – you’re looking for skilled and knowledgeable people who care about caring – as much as they care about the work they do. I believe that this – the actual ‘delivery’ of genuinely caring service – is the last sustainable competitive advantage in business. Why? Because it is so incredibly rare. Why? Because it is so difficult to deliver. Why? Because it takes passionate commitment – and sustained effort – from the owner-operator or CEO. And. It requires hiring the kind of people WIND is aiming for – who will actually make caring happen at the front line. I hope the dual message in the ad was intended – and that they intend to follow through. See you Thursday.

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