Idea of The Week: They lend you a what?

>The Situation:

In searching for examples of ‘websites that do it right,’ (for my ecommerce seminars), I’ve discovered a company called San Diego Kitchen and Bath. Knowing how people stress over kitchen renovating, SDKB offers two radically exceptional benefits that you and I can learn from. Read on.

>The Idea:

The idea is simply this: ‘Think like your customer.’ What does a customer (that’s me and you) think when we think of doing a kitchen reno? We think cost. And we think ‘pain.’ We think pain because we’re going to have to work with tradespeople – who are notorious for taking longer – and charging more – than what we bargained for. And we think ‘inconvenience’ – big time. We dread having to camp out in the basement, or holding up in a hotel, or (even worse) moving in with the inlaws, while the work (slowly) gets done.

Solution: San Diego Kitchen and Bath owner Sam Cribbs and his team come to the rescue with two fear-reduction programs:

  1. A ‘guarantee’ that your project will be completed on time or you receive $300 for every working day the project is overdue.
  2. A loaner portable kitchen. (That’s right, a complete kitchen that they install in your home while the reno is done).

Here’s how they explain the portable kitchen:

“Most people don’t factor in the costs of eating out while they are remodeling a kitchen — this can mean frequent trips to restaurants or ordering in, and that can get expensive! That is why we provide our very own trademarked portable kitchen for your home — free of charge — during the renovation. We are the only kitchen and bath center that offers this feature, which is designed exclusively to make your life easier during this process. You can still enjoy home-cooked meals and save money while waiting for your beautiful new kitchen.”

>The Risk:

I assume there are conditions in the guarantee that cover no-fault causes of delay. Still, this daily amount (which would more than cover the cost of a hotel stay), is beyond anything I’ve seen.

>The Reward:

If an occasional miss in forecasting delivery/install times cost SDKB say $10,000 a year, they would be way ahead of the game – because – they are thinking exactly as their customers think – and they’re nailing their customers’ ‘Number One Fear.’ Add the loaner kitchen – and – you got a deal!

>The Call to Action:

Why not take out a pencil (a what?) and write down the top three fears in the minds of your prospective customers. Next to each, write down what ‘anyone’ in your industry and/or market place is doing to allay that fear. Next to that, write down what you could do – never mind what anyone else does – to eliminate that fear among people who do business with you. Thinking like your customer – and doing something about it – may just be the greatest single differentiator of all. Way to go Sam!

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