Idea of The Week: Stuck in the wrong job?

>The Situation:

Getting attention is getting easier. Case in point: Look at these photos that Danish personnel agency,, attached to various kinds of vending machines (and a children’s ride).
Brilliant? Or what?

>The Idea:

The idea is to come up with ideas – to step up to the edge of the box – and do something different. Once we have an idea, execution really is getting easier, and less expensive, all the time. The same technology that let’s you “wrap your ride” for not much money, allows you to attach temporary images like these – just about anywhere.

>The Risk:

While these images are powerful, I think the Danish personnel agency could have increased their chances of success if they had included a call to action. In just about any form of advertising – including guerrilla marketing – we need to make an offer of some kind – with a deadline of some kind – and a way to contact us instantly (including a 1.800 number or at least the address of a “landing page” website related to the campaign).

>The Reward:

Even without these essential advertising elements I suspect that enjoyed huge response to this campaign. Not only do the images turn heads – many of the heads they turn must reflect on the kind of jobs they hold – and wonder if it isn’t time to make a change. And, if they do, of course, “who are you gonna call?”

>The Call to Action:

Okay, okay, the photography in these examples is pretty sophisticated (read, “pretty expensive”) but you could do something on a much smaller scale. Example: a little shop on Main street could use the kind of idea in the photo below to attract attention to a Barbecue sale. Get the idea?

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