Idea of The Week: Jim Pattison goes green-really!

>The Situation:

A news story about Overwaitea Foods (billionaire Jim Pattison’s Western Canadian food empire – consisting of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods and Urban Fare Stores). And it reads: “Overwaitea Foods  has become the only retailer to sell sustainably grown Coho salmon, farmed on land, in a closed containment system.” If you believe that wild salmon stocks are being hurt by coastal salmon farming (as I do) this is Big News.

>The Idea:

I’ve never met Jimmy, and I don’t know the length, breadth and depth of his commitment to green. But it looks like his commitment to sustainable is, well, sustainable. I say this because I read another news report, a few months back, in which Greenpeace lauded Overwaitea as Number One on its list of food retailers – “because it has stopped selling species at risk (even though these are popular with consumers); it has started implementing a seafood policy, and is actively promoting sustainable seafood initiatives to customers and suppliers.” The report also mentioned Overwaitea’s commitment to marketing naturally grown west coast spot prawns. (Land-farmed coho, bearing the SweetSpring salmon brand, has also been placed on “The Super Green List” by the national Seafood Watch Program).

>The Risk:

Land farmed salmon and naturally grown prawns are more expensive than the usual – so there’s a risk of losing business to run of the mill competitors. But. There are enough sustainable seafood choices in Overwaitea stores (selling at lower prices) that Jimmy has minimized his risk.

>The Reward:

People like myself – who live just beyond easy reach of Whole Foods and other sustainable food outlets – really appreciate being able to shop at a mass marketer (like Save-On-Foods), and still be able to buy green products. I was a Save-On-Foods regular before they began to champion the cause of fish, because natural food choices are made available in every department. The fish connection just ties me a little tighter.

>The Call to Action:

Jim Pattison’s commitment to green has brought his food chains a huge amount of positive free publicity (as well as enhanced customer attraction and loyalty). This kind of “earned media” coverage (and customer bonding) is available to our smaller businesses as well. Like Jimmy, all we have to do is “change our mind.”

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