Idea of The Week: Are you ready for ‘this’ emergency?

>The Situation:

This is brilliant. Knowing the reason why many of us avoid crowded city buses, Gillette Right Guard Deodorant marketers hit a home run with what I’m calling ‘the guerrilla marketing campaign of the year.’ See what you think…

>The Idea:

The idea was to take full advantage of our fear and loathing of being crammed into, under, and up against each other, in commuter buses and subway trains. So, what’d they do? They mounted emergency boxes – that looked a lot like fire extinguisher boxes – on the walls of buses and trains, marked (what else?) “Emergency.” Here, take a look:

>The Risk:

There is always a risk of turning people off (when you’re trying to turn them on) to your product or service. But this campaign was funny enough (and outrageous enough) to work. (Can you imagine the conversations in those buses and trains? The campaign should get an award for getting strangers talking to each other).

>The Reward:

Over a two week period in selected markets (across Germany) Right Guard pulled in more than 800,000 web contacts – and handed out tens of thousands of free samples. (People could call an “emergency number” on the red boxes and request a free sample.)

>The Call to Action:

Funny and fun works! Especially when we’re able to hit a real nerve at the same time. (Reminds me of the article I wrote not so long ago about “The Heart Attack Grill” in Arizona. Funny, for sure, but…). Oops. Gotta go. I’ll be late for my bus.

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