Idea of The Day: We’re back. And you’ll love this one!

>The Idea:

In a new twist on crowd-buying (think Groupon), a bunch of Dutch music industry party people placed a bet with KLM that they could come up with enough passengers to warrant a special flight from Amsterdam to Miami – to attend (what else?) – the annual ‘Ultra’ Music Festival. Here’s how it went down:

  1. Dutch DJ/Producer Sied van Riel complained in a Twitter tweet that there was no way to get a direct flight to Miami for the festival.
  2. The airline’s Twitter Team (yes Virginia, KLM has a team devoted strictly to Twitter and other key social media – think about this), saw the tweet, and replied.
  3. They challenged Sied to come up with a plane full of festival-goers, and if they did, then….
  4. KLM would put on a special flight to Miami, for festival goers only. Which led to….
  5. A plane load of 351 pleasure-seeking passengers – all registered ‘within five hours!’

>The Key Point:

One key point is this – anyone these days can offer a challenge that can spread like wildfire – delivering a powerful payoff to both a business and its customers. Example: A customer wants a custom treatment without paying a custom price. Your Company says, “okay – if you can come up with 20 other people who want a special approach – you’ve got a deal.” Then. Stand back and let the customer produce the customers. If the deal is good enough, and the demand is strong enough, then (just like Groupon and all its imitators), ‘the deal is on’ – and everybody wins. Another key point is this: Without social media platforms like Twitter (and Facebook and YouTube, etc.) this kind of promotion just couldn’t be done – which is why Jonathan Christian and I met today to talk about how we are going to continue with our Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge – but without the 90-day limitation. Why continue? Because we think this revolutionary trend in marketing is just too important to let go. How will we keep it going? Not sure. Perhaps we’ll run our big ‘Idea of the Week’ on Tuesdays as usual – then a Social Media Challenge article each Thursday.

Question: What do you think? What would help you? What would you like to see us do? Please write a comment on the blog, or email us at with your ideas, opinions and requests. (We won’t do this without you).

Very best wishes for 2011.

And see you Tuesday!


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