Idea of The Day: Wanna fight?

> The Idea:

Here in Canada last week, the gloves were off – and it was down and dirty. Why? Because every year at this time, our homegrown coffee and donut behemoth, Tim Horton’s, holds its “roll up the rim to win” contest – recognized world wide as one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. And every year, Timmy’s competitors cringe – including McDonalds, which has become a competitor with its hot new brew. And how did McD compete?

> The Key Point:

Well, as you may know, McD answered the bell by offering free coffee all week long – all hours of the day. Did they win? Don’t know. But I have a call in to the owner of two of our local McDonalds outlets and will ask him. (Stay tuned.) Meanwhile, do you think it was risky to give away a week’s worth of coffee, just to stay in the ring? I don’t think so. Got you thinking? (See you Tuesday.)

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