Idea of The Day: This just happened…

> The Idea:

A call from a woman named Nasro. Just a moment ago. To thank me for my contribution to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders – during the Haitian crisis (which is far from over). “And now,” she said, “we want to know if you would like to continue as a monthly supporter.” My kneejerk mental reaction was: ‘Hold it, Neil, you’re already committed to three other non-profits – either as a volunteer or a financial contributor.’ But I had to swallow that objection. Listen…

> The Key Point:

Nasro continued, “We’re not asking for a lot – even five, seven or ten dollars a month would really help.” Wait a minute, I said (out loud), “you’re making it impossible for me to say no.” And I could hear her smile right through the phone. Of course I signed on. At the $10 level. Which means $120 a year forever (or until they ask me to raise it). Not bad, Nasro. And what can we learn from this, dangerous marketers? We can learn to identify every obstacle to buying – and brainstorm effective ways to overcome each obstacle – before we present our proposal to a prospect. Nasro proves it works. See you Tuesday.

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