Idea of The Day: This is perfect. Have a look…

> The Idea:

This is perfect. It’s an email from friend and MD member, Stephen Lin. Of 2Q Creations, a visual design agency. Here in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been advising MD readers (and my ‘live’ clients and audiences) to get on board the O-Train – one way or another – now that the games are about to begin. And Stephen’s email provides us with a near perfect example of how to do it. Scroll down and have a look…

> The Key Point:

Stephen is in the visual design business. So why not design a visual that tells his clients – and everyone they forward his email to (just as I forwarded it to thousands in my data bases) – about all the free events that are happening in conjunction with the Olympics – with a map that shows us how to find them? This is brilliant. It’s helpful. It has use and retention value. It gets his name around. And. It cost him nothing but a little graphic arts computer time. Question: You too (like 2Q) have a brilliant idea. Will you please share it with me and the rest of our MD members? (That would be 2Cool.)

By the way our copy of Stephen’s email header isn’t a live link. Please click here to get to the PDF of Stephen’s event map. If the link doesn’t work, close your email program for a moment and try again. That seems to do the trick.

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