Idea of The Day: This actually works!

>The Idea:

This idea isn’t brand new – but it is effective. My colleague Jonathan Christian passed along a copy of a fax he received from another colleague (and MD member), Dave Dubeau. The handwritten message on the fax reads: “Time sensitive…sorry for the messy note, but I wanted to get this to you right away…” Of course, this gets our attention. Then the fax goes on to tell recipients about a book that Dave co-wrote and published, called “Money Making Marketing for Canadians.” (I was familiar with the book, because I was one of ten co-authors who wrote chapters for it). Simply signed, “J,” the fax winds up with a hand-drawn arrow that points to the website, – and a p.s. that adds, “The guy is giving away the book for free as a marketing experiment…check it out” (which, driven by curiosity, many, many people have done).

>The Key Point:

The key point is getting attention – in this case using a technology that most of us may think is way past its best before date. But the fact is that faxes are still sent and received – and many are picked out of the tray by small business owners who the book is targeted at. Why is he giving the book away? Because he’s using it as an incentive to get recipients to “test drive” his Fast Track Inner Circle membership group for entreprenuers and investors. I love this idea because it’s simple, creative, and inexpensive – and – because it actually works!

Ps – This is a can’t-lose proposition, so, why not check it out yourself? Here’s the link to Dave’s special website:

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