Idea of The Day: They do it for staff – why not for customers?

> The Idea:

I needed an ink cartridge. My usual computer shop didn’t have it. In fact, their stock of cartridges could be called skinny at best. So. I drove to a nearby competitor’s store. They had what I needed now, and what I will need in future. Good find. Cheerful clerk. “First time with us?” he asked. “Yes,” I answered. “I’ve driven by a hundred times, but first time through the door.” “Great to have you with us,” he beamed, “and here’s your Welcome Package.” My what?

> The Key Point:

The best employers offer new hires an on-boarding guide and a ‘welcome package,’ that often includes logo mugs and hats – along with HR policies – and where to find the washrooms. But. How often do you find a business that offers a welcome kit? In this case, my kit contained a mouse pad, a nice pen, a pad of paper, and a welcome letter. Low in cost but high in, “wow, that’s really neat.” The company: Express Computers in Langley, BC. Obviously, the owner of this business understands the potential lifetime value of a new customer – and, more important, is acting on that knowledge. Key point: You’re welcome to borrow their idea.

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