Idea of The Day: Pet sitting at $1000 day? Believe it!

>The Idea:

Dropped by one of my great clients this afternoon – Pets First in Vancouver. Owner Phil Chagnon and General Manager, Pam Thind, weren’t in. Where were they? Well. They were out at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for a wine and nibbles reception. The occasion? Camila Dahl, owner of JetPetResort ( ) is getting ready for a grand opening this weekend at her brand new pet resort/spa at the airport. Why were Phil and Pam invited to tonight’s warmup event? Because (suddenly) they have become valued vendors to this brand new business. How did that happen? Because Pam Thind is an inveterate entrepreneur. She and Phil are marketing their new Earth Options brand of ultra-high quality pet food through a wide variety of channels – including breeders, groomers (and even health food stores). Pam heard ‘something’ about JetPetResort; made a quick call; learned that Camila was looking for a pet food vendor that was high end and ‘definitely out of the ordinary’ – and – a brand new relationship began. Just like that.

>The Key Point:

There is more to this story – a lot more. For example, you may be interested to know that JetPetResort will cater to a range of better-off travelers who want to treat their pets to a good time while they fly into the sunset. So. JetPetResort’s business model provides ‘individual apartments’ for a relatively small cost per day – all the way to palatial, highest-end apartment packages that rent out at – get this – up to $1000 per day. (Yes, of course, there are promenades, and a park – all within the complex – with the resort promising “15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor fun”). And why Pets First? Because (obviously), these pets have to eat while mom and dad are away. So there they are – thanks to Pam picking up on a morsel of news – picking up the phone – and picking up a brand new client. Two key points: One. We always need to be on the lookout for new opportunities. Two. Innovation. JetPetResort’s business model is so different that they will attract a ton of media and are virtually guaranteed success from Day One. Hmm. Not bad.

PS – An important note from Jonathan:   Can you imagine all the ways you would benefit from a $6000 marketing/sales/service makeover – with Neil Godin training your team? Now imagine that this program would cost you only $1000 – with the balance picked up by a Government of BC small business stimulus grant? If you’re located in BC, call me now for full details at 778.378.9100. We’ve never seen a program like this. The application process is simple and applications are being approved quickly. Important point: To qualify, you must have between one and fifty employees on your payroll (we’re sorry to say that the program is not available to owner-operators). This funding will not last. Why not call me now?  JC

(For details and the official government announcement, please scroll down).

We invite you to connect with us at:

Twitter: @jdgem / @neilgodin

Facebook: Jonathan Christian / Neil Godin

Email: /

Web: /

Phone: 778 378 9100  / 604 888 4612


Details re BC Government grant program for training:

The BC government is providing $5000 grants to companies that need sales and marketing training (and other forms of training) but need help with funding. (This is part of the stimulus program, aimed at making BC companies more competitive and innovative).

My colleague (and our Program Coordinator) Jonathan Christian, has already conducted two of these programs with his own clients, and in both cases his clients received approval of their applications very quickly, and received payment from the government before the training started. His two sales and service training programs cost $6000 each, with $5000 being paid by the government, and only $1000 paid by the client.

My typical small business makeover program costs $6000, and involves training a team of three to ten. But we can scale the program and the cost down for companies that only have one of two employees. Important note: employees must be ‘official,’ meaning that they are on your payroll – with appropriate payroll deductions – they can’t be contract workers who assist you but are not on the payroll. Part owners can be subsidized as long as they hold no more than a 20% share.

While you can choose any trainer and just about any kind of training you like, if you want me to come in and conduct training with your team (in sales, service, marketing and/or team building), it would be at the same typical cost – $6000 – with $5000 subsidized by the government (subject to their approval, in advance, of course), with you paying only the $1000 balance. This is a very unusual opportunity that probably won’t last, so if you’re interested please contact Jonathan right away.

Call Jonathan at 778.378.9100 – or email:

Here are the basic details:

  • The program is available to companies with a minimum of one employee but less than  50 employees (‘employees’ include owners who hold no more than a 20% share).
  • The maximum subsidy is $1500 per employee, and $5000 total).
  • You can use any training company you wish, and you can choose any kind of training, as I understand it.

In publicizing this program the government has required that training companies like ours use their text (below) to communicate the information.


Here is the text of the official government notice:

“The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has established a new initiative, the Workplace Training for Innovation Pilot Program (WTIP). The program is designed to provide funding to eligible employers with less than 50 staff for the employee training of their choice, delivered by the training provider of their choice. Through WTIP, employers decide on the training and the training provider best suited to assist them to improve productivity, enhance competitiveness, and/or introduce new technology, equipment, or work processes. There are hundreds of training options available across the province for employers to choose from, including colleges or private training institutions. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has not pre-approved nor endorsed any courses, programs, or training providers with respect to WTIP. For more information, please visit the WTIP website  at or contact the Program Administrator (Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.) toll-free at 1 877 365-5757.  Of course, you’re welcome to contact the government’s consulting group. But if you want to work with me, specifically, please contact Jonathan right away, as I’m sure these grants will be taken up very quickly.


Call Jonathan at 778.378.9100 – or email:

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