Idea of The Day: How did George Moen hijack the Olympics?

>The Idea:

As everybody knows, the IOC slammed any business with a cease-and-desist if they tried to hitchhike on anything related to the Vancouver Olympic Games. Did their embargo work? No. One local business that beat the ban: Blenz Coffee. Blenz was one of “The Gang of Five” Canadian brands that associated themselves with the Olympics, but were not paying sponsors (the others were Scotiabank, Lululemon, Roots, and Howe Sound Brewing). Listen to this: The gang of five beat out “all” paying sponsors (except Visa) in terms of their brand presence in the media during the games. Wow.

>The Key Point:

Media analysts call the gang of five “ambushers,” because they hijacked the Olympic opportunity without paying the freight. But I call them Dangerous Marketers whose guerilla creativity paid off in spades. Key point: Blenz Coffee proprietor, George Moen, earned his ranking by using social media – far more than paid advertising – to get the message out. Out of the box, and off the wall, George partnered with Metro News nationally, to form The MetroBlenz News Squad – a team of 50 prominent bloggers who wrote articles on their Olympic experience during the 17 days of the games – articles that were repurposed and used as news stories in Metro across the country – as well as items distributed across all social media platforms. If you were on the net, it was virtually impossible to miss mentions of Blenz – in connection with the games. Brilliant. And what can the rest of us Dangerous Marketers learn from George’s example? One, that there’s always a way, if we’re creative enough. Two, that social media can trump paid advertising. Three, that partnership can give us the power to do just about anything. Thank you, George.

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