Idea of The Day: Help! My burger’s been stolen!

>The Idea:

On Tuesday I told you about the eye-stopping mannequin painting a ‘Do It Yourself and Save’ message on the outside wall of the D.I.Y. Cabinet Warehouse store in Burnaby, BC. Today, I’m delighted to share a follow-up story from MD regular Gordon Skillen (Executive Director of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada). Read on.

>The Key Point:

The key point in Gordon’s story is that having an eye-stopper not only stops traffic – it also starts buzz, and can become a media magnet. Here is Gordon’s email message: “Neil, this reminds me of my Burger Haven days (at one time, Gordon owned a hugely successful restaurant in New Westminster, BC, called Burger Haven); I used to have a large 6 foot burger on the top of my car. It certainly got noticed as I drove down the road, so much so that it was stolen from my car one evening. I called the police to report it and the media, listening in on their scanners, were all over it. I must have made the national news as I received a call from my mother the same day – saying she heard my name on the radio in Sudbury, Ontario. Business at the restaurant went through the roof as new and old customers came in to comment on the news.”

Gordon continues, “About 6 months later, I received a call from the Vancouver police saying they think they found my burger. I called the media myself this time, and arranged  for them to meet me when I went down to indentify the burger. It turns out it was not my burger, but I did receive a ton of free publicity all over again.” Great story, Gordon. Thanks for sharing!

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