Idea of The Day: Brand new ways to build your ‘list’ – Day 27: How to get them “re-tweeting”!

Challenge #27: Please see the “Key Point” for today’s task

The Idea:

I’m still thinking about Trilby Jeeves’ presentation last Saturday at our social media challenge ‘meetup’ gathering. As I told you, when Trilby recommended the websites of two participants (as a demonstration of Twitter’s power), they both got a huge response (50+ and 30+ new ‘followers’ within an hour). But it didn’t strike me until later that these new ‘followers’ have also become new ‘entries’ in the ‘data bases’ of these two companies. Let me (try to) explain: Historically, we built our data bases by gathering names, telephone numbers and street addresses (and more recently by gathering names, telephone numbers and email addresses). And, of course, we compiled this information in our ‘company’ data bases. Now, I’m beginning to realize that the social media have changed all that. Now, when we have 500 followers on Twitter, we have a brand new and ‘separate’ data base – an additional data base – of these 500 people. No, they’re not necessarily included in our company data base – they exist as a separate data base – an additional group of people that we can now reach with our marketing messages. And we have to communicate with this new group differently – because they are part of our ‘social media data base.’ (In other words, we can’t just send them the special of the month that we used to send out via fax). Instead, we have to find ways to be more ‘social” while promoting the products and services we offer.

>The Key Point:

Let’s craft strategies and messages that motivate our followers to ‘retweet’ (pass on) our messages to their followers – with two goals in mind: One, to get the message out about something interesting that we’re doing in our businesses right now. And two, to expand our ‘external’ social media data bases – so we have more and more (and more) people to get our messages out to.

Sound like a plan? NG

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