Idea of The Day: Adult potty training?

> The Idea:
Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). From MD Regular (and long time marketing and sales training client), Dennis Thomasson, of Fresh Air Experience Sporting Goods (Ottawa and Thunder Bay, Ontario).  It reads: "When I went to the men’s rooom in Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). I saw a fly in the urinal – but didn’t think much about it.  Now I know why it was there." Okay, Dennis, why was it there?

> The Key Point:

Well. It was there because ‘fly-in-urinal research’ (I do not make this stuff up), found that  the image of a fly – etched in the porcelain urinals- improved men’s aim – and reduced ‘spillage’ – by more than 80%.  Really?!  Okay. So what can we learn from this research, Dangerous Marketers? Well. If we want our customers to notice what we want them to notice – an offer on our website; an item in our flyer; a product in our showroom – or a fact or stat that differentiates us – then we’d better do ‘something’ that is certain to attract their attention. (True confession: I wanted to close this item with a joke about somebody’s fly being open. But. Nothing. Can you help?). See you Tuesday?

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  1. Well, this item (adult potty training) sure drew a lot of comment — most of it humorous, and some that I can’t share with you. Here’s a request: When you have a comment on any Marketing Dangerously newsletter article or blog post, would you please send it along using the link provided — rather than sending comments directly to me. That way everyone can enjoy and perhaps benefit from what you have to say.
    Many thanks. And keep on Marketing Dangerously!

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