Idea of The Day: A passion for ‘Junk Style’ & ‘Shabby Chic’

> The Idea:

Last week I told you how HomeGoods stores engage customers by inviting them to share photos of the unique pieces they buy – once they are in place in their homes. This week, a twist and turn finds us in our own backyard, here in Langley, BC. After reading last week’s article, Carrie Lee Thachuk, owner of The Passionate Home, emailed to say that she does something similar, noting, “I’m doing something right.” A quick trip to her website shows that she’s doing many things right. (Go have a look at her “Shared Ideas” page.)

> The Key Point:

Isn’t that something? Using customers’ photos. Telling a brief story on each. Using customers’ first names. This is very smart, highly personalized marketing that turns one time shoppers into lifetime sales ambassadors. A visit to Carrie’s “About Us” page tells us her personal story and explains why the business is called The Passionate Home. Warm. Personal. Compelling. Key point: Facts tell. Stories sell. You have a story too. Are you telling it as well and as widely as you could?

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