Idea of The Day: A bachelor pilot – looking for love?

>The Idea:

The idea is ‘personal branding.’ Case in point: Jane Carstens. Jane is a professional matchmaker in Vancouver, Canada. Her company is called Matchmaker for Hire. But her company name is far less important than her personal name. Why? Because Jane ‘is’ the company. Ah, but she’s not alone. Her colleague, Jill Carter, is also a matchmaker at Matchmaker. And she too ‘is’ the  company. So, what’s going on?

>The Key Point:

Jane and Jill give us two great examples of how personal passion, and avocation, are at least as important as corporate branding in building a business. In a recent Vancouver Sun ad, Jill describes one of her clients as “a bachelor, and a pilot, who is looking for love.” She adds, “I am currently representing a handsome, successful, intelligent, easygoing, entrepreneur who is searching for the love of his life.” With her photo displayed prominently, and an invitation to “contact me for a personal and confidential interview,” Jane makes it clear that clients are not dealing with an ‘agency,’ or a ‘computer program’ or an online ‘dating service,’ in their quest to find love – they’re dealing with a real, live human being who genuinely cares about them (visit their website and you will feel their joy in what they do). Lesson for the rest of us? We need to position and brand ourselves, personally, as well as our companies. In Jane’s case, this approach differentiates her (and Jill, and their company) from others in the field – who are left, uh, playing the field?

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