Idea of The Week: “When service gets personal”

 > The Situation: MD member Tom Duguay, of Cratex Industries (Alberta’s largest industrial crating, packaging and export services company), sent us this link to a video on customer service that you’ve gotta see. (Why not watch it now – and then we’ll talk?)*  > The Idea: Okay. Whether you took the segue (shouldn’t that be […]

Idea of The Week: “Facebook for business. Yep. Here’s how!”

 > The Situation: I am now a "fan" of Shahan Fancy on Facebook. (Hey. If you’re not a Facebook fan, please pay close attention). I met Shahan a couple of weeks ago when I conducted a marketing workshop for wood product manufacturers in Saskatoon (hosted by the good people at FP Innovations – Forintek). And […]

Idea of The Week: It’s the “experience”, st—d!

 > The Situation: Now you’re not “st—d” and neither am I. But the truth is that we’ve gotta step it up. Many, many others offer the same “things” we do. So in order to thrive in these challenging times, we’ve got to deliver not just “things” but an “experience” that makes those things more compelling. […]

Idea of The Week: “Horrible. Disgusting. Let’s eat!”

 > The Situation: While Canada seems to be on the rebound, the ‘R’ word still rules stateside. Housing prices dropped again last month. And unemployment is (still) rising. So. What’s the owner of a rib house restaurant in Cincinnati supposed to do when sales flat line?  > The Idea: Well, if you’re Kenny Tessel, owner […]

Idea of The Week: Why is Garden Works blossoming?

 > The Situation: The Garden Works chain of gardening stores, in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, is blossoming (they’re now at seven stores), while others in the business are hanging on by their (green) thumbs. How do they do it?  > The Idea: Let me count the ways: 1) They publish an 8-page quarterly newsletter, loaded […]

Idea of The Week: “Hitchin on the O-train”

 > The Situation: What is 12 stories high and longer than an Olympic hockey rink? The Canadian flag draped around the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, Canada. That’s what.  > The Idea: The idea is hitch hiking – climbing aboard a train that’s already moving and riding it for all it’s worth. In this case the […]

Idea of The Week: Lunchin’ at the Heart Attack Grill

 > The Situation: Perfect timing. I had just Googled the Heart Attack Grill (which I had just heard about) when MD member Brent Vickers called. “How was the trip?” I asked. Fantastic, he replied. “And the #1 highlight?” “The Heart Attack Grill,” he replied instantly. In case ya dough no, The HAG, as it is […]

Idea of The Week: A “Real” Mickey Mouse Operation!

 > The Situation: Whistler Conference Center. Annual Global Buyers Mission. Hosted by BC Wood Specialties Group, an association of companies that do something with wood before they sell it – making things like furniture; flooring; kitchen cabinets; timber, log and manufactured homes – as well as things you’ve never seen or heard of before. Things […]

Idea of The Week: Now “this” is a pen!

> The Situation A bubble wrap envelope. In my mail box. From Marketing Dangerously Gold Member, Randall Orser. Of Number Crunchers Mobile Bookkeeping Service in Surrey, BC. The envelope is bulky. I’m curious. Are you? > The Idea Can’t rip it open. Need scissors. Ah, there we are. And the little gifty this time? It’s…well…a […]

Idea of the week: “Beef by boat lands word of mouth!”

 > The Situation: You’re a cottager in Muskoka Lakes Country, Ontario. You should go into the village to shop for dinner. But it’s a long way. And your deck chair is so comfy. So. Whaddya do? You call the Cottage Butcher, and you get dinner delivered by boat. That’s what.  > The Idea: The idea […]