Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings Dangerous Marketers! Here in Canada, this is our Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. So, to each and every one, our very best wishes for a warm and wonderful break with family and friends. Marketing Dangerously will return on Tuesday, October 12. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who responded to our “Ten Second Survey” about how you found […]

Idea of The Day: 10 second survey. $29 reward. Interested?

>The Idea: Lunch. Under a warm sun…on the deck…at the Sandbar…on Granville Island in Vancouver. With social media maven (and MD regular contributor), Roxanne Reid. The topic turns (as always) to social media. I told Roxanne that Jonathan and I plan to apply what we’ve learned in our 90-day Social Media Challenge to “significantly” grow […]

Idea of The Day: Need traffic? Tell the traffic that’s passing by!

>The Idea: Marks Work Wearhouse. Marine Drive. Burnaby, BC. I was driving by when a row of lawn signs caught my eye. Six or eight of them – all with the same simple message: “Marks Work Wearhouse. Save 20%. 5 P.M. Until Closing.” The idea (obviously) is to drive traffic and sales when the store […]

Idea of The Day: Pet sitting at $1000 day? Believe it!

>The Idea: Dropped by one of my great clients this afternoon – Pets First in Vancouver. Owner Phil Chagnon and General Manager, Pam Thind, weren’t in. Where were they? Well. They were out at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for a wine and nibbles reception. The occasion? Camila Dahl, owner of JetPetResort ( www.jetpetresort.com ) is […]

Idea of The Day: Ordinary business. Powerful website. Come have a look.

>The Idea: I’m preparing to do a seminar series on ecommerce. I find a ‘note to Neil’ to check out Sign-A-Rama Burnaby’s website – because – they now offer a 10% discount to people who follow them on Twitter. Bright idea. So I visit their website. And I am blown away. This is a regular […]

Idea of The Day: Look at this photo!

>The Idea: Opened an email from TeamBuy Vancouver at 6:30 this morning. Telling me about today’s buy: $12 worth of sushi – at Kaide Sushi in Yaletown (Vancouver) – for just six bux. I bought the offer immediately. Why? A great picture’s worth about a zillion words, so here, take a look at this: >The […]

Idea of The Day: Have you read the gossip?

>The Idea: It’s an advertorial column in the local rag. Written by Chris Levis, of Levy’s Source for Sports here in Langley (Metro Vancouver), BC. Title: “Gear Gossip.” With stuff you’ve gotta know if you play hockey (one column is headed, “One piece hockey sticks – versatility that works for your type of play.” Another […]

Idea of The Day: Quick. Why is this toilet on a roll?

>The Idea: We’ve been talking about traffic-stopping signs and landmarks (like the world’s biggest hockey stick) lately. Today, we turn our attention to whatcha got on your vehicle. And (thanks to MD regular Bill Grant) we’ve got a great example – not just of traffic-stopping signage, but of genuinely dangerous marketing. Here’s the photo Bill […]

Idea of The Day: Help! My burger’s been stolen!

>The Idea: On Tuesday I told you about the eye-stopping mannequin painting a ‘Do It Yourself and Save’ message on the outside wall of the D.I.Y. Cabinet Warehouse store in Burnaby, BC. Today, I’m delighted to share a follow-up story from MD regular Gordon Skillen (Executive Director of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada). […]

Idea of The Day: Springwise delivers bright ideas by the dozen!

>The Idea: Sluggish. Stale. Stuck. We all feel that way, at least at times. A simple solution? Springwise. If you already know about Springwise then you know that ‘this’ is a source of real inspiration – once a week, 52 weeks a year. If you haven’t been tipped off to this site, then this is […]