Idea of The Day: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – and You?

>The Idea: We’ve heard you – and we’re bringing it back, by popular demand. ‘It,’ of course, is our Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge. And ‘it’ will resume next Thursday right here in this space. One major change, we will ‘not’ be running the challenge for a fixed length of time (we’ve dropped the ’90-Day’ […]

Idea of The Day: We’re back. And you’ll love this one!

>The Idea: In a new twist on crowd-buying (think Groupon), a bunch of Dutch music industry party people placed a bet with KLM that they could come up with enough passengers to warrant a special flight from Amsterdam to Miami – to attend (what else?) – the annual ‘Ultra’ Music Festival. Here’s how it went […]

Idea of The Day: This actually works!

>The Idea: This idea isn’t brand new – but it is effective. My colleague Jonathan Christian passed along a copy of a fax he received from another colleague (and MD member), Dave Dubeau. The handwritten message on the fax reads: “Time sensitive…sorry for the messy note, but I wanted to get this to you right […]

Idea of The Day: A bachelor pilot – looking for love?

>The Idea: The idea is ‘personal branding.’ Case in point: Jane Carstens. Jane is a professional matchmaker in Vancouver, Canada. Her company is called Matchmaker for Hire. But her company name is far less important than her personal name. Why? Because Jane ‘is’ the company. Ah, but she’s not alone. Her colleague, Jill Carter, is […]

Idea of The Day: Who you gonna call?

>The Idea: Today’s idea is ‘attraction marketing’ (my term for attracting business to you, instead of using old fashioned prospecting and selling to drum up sales). A beautiful example. From Tracey Bosch (Tracey Bosch Personal Real Estate Corporation, with Royal LePage-Wolstencroft Realty, in Langley, BC). Fact: When we need to call a realtor, most of […]

Idea of The Day: It’s a smooth ride-guaranteed!

>The Idea: The idea today is creativity. No, let’s be more specific – the idea today (specifically) is brainstorming. Brainstorming is my Number One tool when helping clients with their marketing and sales programs – and I love to hear stories about how others use it as well. So. Here’s a story… >The Key Point: Our story […]

Idea of The Day: Your free gift – an AK-47!

>The Idea: Now ‘this’ is marketing dangerously. At Nations Truck, in Sanford, Florida, they now give away an AK-47 assault rifle with every used truck sold (but only until November 30, so hurry on down!). Is it working? Yes, says sales manager, Nick Ginetta, “our sales have doubled.” >The Key Point: Hmm. Designed to raise […]

Idea of The Day: Want to attract customers? Start a parade.

>The Idea: Tired. Driving home from the airport. But I perk up, and slow down. Why? Because I’m looking at a parade of three cars just ahead of me. Each with a huge box on top (about the size of a refrigerator). Each adorned with identical signage – promoting a huge sale at Decor Home […]

Idea of The Day: Anglican bishops take to the streets in Toronto

>The Idea: Page ten. MetroNews. Across Canada. A photo of Anglican Archbishop Colin Johnson – in full ecclesiastical vestments – greeting commuters at a GO Train station in Toronto. Why? >The Key Point: Why? Because marketing is marketing is marketing. With church attendance in decline, Anglican bishops and ministers now take to the streets to […]

Idea of The Day: A town called Truth or Consequences? Who knew?

>The Idea: Today, a story in Fast Company magazine that you’ve gotta read. Here, I’ll print it for you: “In 1950, NBC’s quiz show ‘Truth or Consequences?’ was one of the most popular shows on radio (and later television). So when the show’s host, Ralph Edwards, announced on the air that he would broadcast from […]