This week’s Idea: It’s our winter break and time for a major change!

Greetings Dangerous Marketers, First, I want to wish you and yours a warm and wonderful Christmas, no matter how you celebrate at this time of year – and I want to wish you every success, in every way, as we welcome 2014. May it be…your best year ever. We think it’s going to be a […]

This weeks Idea: Skip all that marketing. Just go get customers!

with Neil Godin I just received a call from an MD member who said he desperately wants to open new markets. His high end product can only be used by a small percentage of buyers, and he feels that they’ve got about as much market share as they’re going to get here in OurTown (Vancouver, […]

This week’s Idea: Got Pine Beetle wood? Make Pine Beetle Furniture!

with Neil Godin This Week. Two Words. Creativity. And Collaboration. (Was that three words?). First creativity. I just got an email from wood products designer Barbara Bell. Telling me that one of her main clients, FPInnovations (the world’s largest forest products research institute, with Western Canada headquarters on the UBC campus here in Vancouver), is […]

This week’s Idea: Is there anything that Angie isn’t doing?!?!

Well Seasoned Christmas gift

with Neil Godin It all started innocently enough. I was enjoying dinner with my neighbor Sandi, when I spotted an envelope that looked like this: It was hard to photograph, and it’s also a bit hard to read. So. Let me read it for you…  Basically it tells Christmas holiday shoppers that if they return […]

Old red phone booth makes Nova Scotia winery famous


Old red phone booth makes Nova Scotia winery famous   Are you old enough to remember when highway gas stations attracted customers (and their kids) with signs that read, “STOP AND SEE THE WILD BEAR.” (Hey, neither am I J).  It was a disgusting and horrible thing to do to the bears that were penned […]

Idea of the Week: Take control of the selling/buying process

with Neil Godin Just got off the phone with a new sales and marketing coaching client. “So frustrating,” he groaned. “So frustrating.” (Long pause). And then he went on to tell me a sad, sad story that I have heard so many times before. Has what happened to him ever happened to you? Have you […]

Today’s Challenge: “Fan-dom” of the Opera? Check this out!

with Neil Godin What? You may think that opera is a bit stodgy. But park that thought. And take a good look at what Vancouver Opera is doing with social media. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use SM – in every possible way – to drive traffic and sales, it’s hard to […]

Today’s Challenge: No more roaming charges?

with Jonathan Christian @Jdgem What? One of the great benefits of using Social Media for business is the ability to continue to communicate at any time of the night or day – from wherever you are. As I write this I’m taking a break in sunny Florida, but who knew and who really cares? Why? […]

Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook? (Part 2)

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem Yesterday, I completed my Social Media Master Class with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds), and Mark Smiciklas (@intersection1).  (You can grab highlights by checking out #smmcyvr on Twitter.) Day by day I realize the more you know, the more there is to know! Last week, we started to consider where our audience is […]

See you in the New Year!

For those who celebrate this very special event, we wish you a wonderful Christmas. And to everyone, we wish you a joyful holiday season….and the very best for the New Year. May 2011 be your best year, ever! We’ll see you again on Thursday, January 6 Neil, Jonathan, and Leagh