Today: I am blown away.

 > The Situation You wouldn’t want to see me in real life right now. My jaw is in deep drop position. I am staring at the package in front of me. And. I am just blown away. Here’s the story. I am not literate in Microsoft Excel beyond the most rudimentary basics. I have seen […]

Today: Turn upside down right side up.

 > The Situation Yesterday I told you about Jim Tallman and his super targeting program at North Pacific Performance and Training Inc. And I said that I would tell you more today. So. Here goes. Jim told me that before he and his partner Dan McFaull found the path to super niche marketing, he would […]

Today: “Sorry, can’t help you.”

 > The Situation This is just maybe the best example of target marketing I have ever seen. MD member (and Business Builders Tool Kit owner), Jim Tallman, who operates North Pacific Performance and Training Inc., had a problem. If his company continued to accept every kind of industrial training contract that came along, they would […]

Today: “Sold!”

> The Situation Home Depot. Yesterday afternoon. Walked by the electric drill display (again). Older staff member comes by with, “can I help you find something?” (So much better that “may I help you?”). I told him I have a cordless drill but it’s never charged when I need it (because it’s getting old and […]

Today: All you have to do is “change your mind.”

> The Situation I just left a gas station that has a huge sign saying, “Washrooms for customer use only.” Question: “If I buy something this time, does that mean I can come in just to use the washroom next time? Am I a customer now?” Obviously, this kind of insulting signage is a pet […]

Today: Customer engagement…key to success!

> The Situation Yesterday, I told you about the web-based t-shirt design company/community. Today, I want to delve a little deeper into their story. Specifically, I want to talk about “engagement.” Engagement of employees. And engagement of customers. And I want to relate the two. First, some fast facts* on employee engagement: 1. Only […]

Today: An ecommerce idea that fits to a T…

> The Situation Because you’re reading this I know where you are…don’t move…you are right where you need to be…in order to go to a website called… Please go there now. We’re waiting. Are you there yet? Okay. You are looking at one of the most intensive—and successful—interactive ecommerce sites on the net. Doesn’t […]

Today: Monkey business for coffee lovers…

> The Situation Story in a recent issue of the local paper. Headline: “Monkey-picked coffee on sale here tomorrow.” The item: “Vancouver’s 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters have enlisted the aid of some unlikely workers in Southern India to help harvest the best coffee beans—Rhesus Macaque monkeys.” Say what? Well, it seems that these monkeys (who […]

Today: Roxanne: ‘Style Kid Ambassador?’

> The Situation MD member Roxanne Loughery shares a great idea from Style Kid, one of her favorite stores. SK describes itself as an online shopping “experience” for moms with kids between 0 and 6. And they do it all. Funky, super cool things for kids that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus fund raising […]

Today: Alaska Air, Acklands—and you?

> The Situation Just read an article in Fast Company Magazine (March, 08). About how Alaska Airlines is streamlining their terminal at SeaTac Airport in Seattle. Using an inside team of staff, they redesigned ticket counters so that one agent can now process 46 passengers in the time it took to process 22. This is […]